Deb Levene

Deb Levene

I enjoy the transitive experience of working with clay. Each step is directly related to the next and affects future steps in reaching a finished piece.

From the moment the clay touches my hands it presents me with information for consideration. Is it too wet? Does it need wedging? Do I have enough to make my desired object?

While hand building or wheel throwing I keep in mind the basic principle – form dictates function. Design and construction decisions evolve and sometimes change.

After surviving forming, shaping, drying, and bisque firing, the piece is ready for glazing. My quest for excellence in craftsmanship is ongoing as I meticulously apply the glazes.

And then, all bets are off! An outcome can be predicted, but until the pieces are glaze fired, cooled down, and the kiln unloaded you just never know.

I truly enjoy the many stages of pottery making but am most thrilled when the finished pieces are on the shelves cooling down and singing.