Beverly Arts District

Beverly Arts District vision:

As a physical space, the Beverly Arts District is a hub for artists, creative businesses and arts and cultural experiences that help foster artists’ success and increase visitation and financial support of the arts. The space is distinguished through innovative, creative, and unique public art, historical connections, and signage that immediately convey that Beverly is a community that values arts and culture. As an organization, the Beverly Arts District supports arts and culture wherever it happens in Beverly, by any local artist or local institution. The organization helps to coordinate partnerships, alliances, and communications to foster the presentation, promotion, sale, and experience of art in all its forms. The District’s partners recognize arts and culture as an economic driver for the city and collectively work to help artists and cultural institutions thrive, to attract new arts experiences, and to promote the city as a creative destination.

The Beverly Arts District (“BAD”) was launched in 2014 by Beverly Main Streets, in partnership with the City of Beverly and Montserrat College of Art, as a demonstration of our collective commitment to arts and culture and working artists. A diverse community of talented artists study, open their businesses and hone their crafts here. We recognize a “local” artist as one who lives, works or studies in Beverly.

Our goals are to:

  1. Facilitate collaborations among artists, spaces, businesses and organizations
  2. Create an identity we can build on
  3. Offer new opportunities for residents and visitors to create and experience art
  4. Build a support system for artists
  5. Leverage the resources and strengths of the Main Streets program

We invite any local artist to create an Artist Profile and let the world know about you!

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