Black Lives Matter mural

Beverly Main Streets recently agreed to donate the Black Lives Matter (BLM) mural, which was originally created as part of Beverly Main Streets’ rotating art gallery at the Red Fence, to the Beverly Public Library. Artist Amanda Beard Garcia created the BML mural as an important statement following the death of George Floyd.

About the Red Fence Gallery

In 2016 Beverly Main Streets received permission from the Lindsey Building Condo Association to create a rotating art gallery on a fence on their property located between their building, located at 266 Cabot Street, and Atomic Cafe. At the time, it was painted a red color, so it was called the Red Fence Gallery. Beverly Main Streets would commission artists to paint a new mural on the fence every three months to enliven downtown Beverly.

About the Black Lives Matter Mural

During June 2020, Beverly Main Streets hired local artist Amanda Beard Garcia to paint the BLM design she submitted for consideration. Garcia chose to paint the fence on the same day as the Black Lives Matter Walk organized by Beverly High alumni.

The mural symbolizes the attention being given across the country to social justice and racial equity pursuits. Due to the significance of the message and Beverly’s on-going commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, Beverly Main Streets and the Lindsey Building Condo Association collaborated to donate the fence with the BLM mural to the downtown branch of the Beverly Public Library located at 32 Essex Street, where it will continue to be representative of the city’s commitment to racial equity. The library is only a three-minute walk from former location of the mural at the Red Fence Gallery. The fence will be replaced with a new red fence which will have a plaque letting local residents and visitors know they can find the original fence at the library. In addition, Beverly Main Streets has worked with local institutions and businesses to display a banner with the mural image, so the message will continue to have a visual impact.

On January 14, 2022 the BLM mural will be unveiled at the Beverly Public Library.

“The Beverly Public Library strives to be a safe and welcoming place for everyone. The library has always offered more than books; it is also a center for arts and culture and community engagement. We are honored to be the recipient of this special mural. Displaying this piece in the library makes it accessible to all, in a space that encourages dialogue and connections among our community. We hope all community members will visit and take advantage of all the library has to offer,” commented Library Director Allison Babin.

The BLM Mural creator, Amanda Beard Garcia, also commented, “As a Beverly native and artist of color, it was important to me to support Black Lives in a way I knew how: to visually voice ‘we’re with you’ — to make a commitment to our community to listen, learn, grow, and take action and hopefully inspire others to do the same. While my painted mural was expected to be temporary (as the others have been), I’m grateful that it will find a new home at the library as a reminder that there is always more work to be done.”

About the Black Lives Matter Walk on June 10, 2020

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