Downtown 2030

We spent the month of November 2018 gathering input from more than 1000 residents, business owners, students and visitors about what they wanted to see in the downtown Beverly of 2030. These are the goals which reflect what we heard:

1. BMS will build on our Downtown 2020 achievements and continue to celebrate local arts, culture and history as drivers of our downtown economic prosperity

2. BMS will show expansion in the mix of independently-owned businesses and develop new programs which help existing businesses to thrive

3. BMS will support smart growth development and strategies on downtown streets and waterfront/ riverfront

4. BMS will illustrate improved livability and quality of life by building a “downtown for all”

5. BMS will advance the downtown as a robust tourist destination

6. BMS will continue to strengthen its organization to lead the city’s downtown revitalization efforts



Thank you to these local businesses that  helped to fund our Downtown 2030 plan

Endicott College


Beverly Hospital


City of Beverly 


Beverly Crossing


Brookwood Financial Partners, LLC



Cummings Properties



Brian DApice and Associates











Mary Grant

Miranda Gooding