Food Vendor Application Form For Beverly Main Streets Downtown Events 2021

Thank you for your interest in being a food vendor at our 2021 events! Our events draw about 2000+ people.

Please complete the form below to apply to be a food vendor. We limit the number of food vendors at each event in order to provide a balance of options for our guests and to make sure we have enough customers for our vendors. LGBTQIA+ identified persons, people of color, and others from historically underrepresented communities are encouraged to apply. 

DATES AND FEES 2021 – we have not released our 2022 dates yet

– Block Party  – July 24, 2021, 5:30pm-9:30pm. 

– Arts Fest – August 21, 2021 10am-4pm.  

– Beverly’s New Year – Dec 31, 2021, 3:30-7pm.

*Don’t send a check yet! We will get back to you once we review all of the applications.*

Event Details
– ARTS FEST DETAILS – Arts Fest is an outdoor event held rain or shine. 

– BLOCK PARTY DETAILS – THE BLOCK may be cancelled or postponed due to weather. 

– BEVERLY’S NEW YEAR DETAILS – Vendors are located on Cabot Street. We need vendors that can work in cold and freezing weather. Hot drinks are a must.

– ATTENTION RESTAURANTS LOCATED ON CABOT STREET – If you’re a restaurant located in the event area, you MAY be able to set up in front of your storefront, depending on construction, your location and what you are serving. If you do NOT purchase the space in front of your storefront during these events, it is likely that another vendor will be set up directly in front of your door. You may use the 10×10 space to set up a canopy and sell food, or you may leave that space open and put balloons and/or a sign inviting people to come into your restaurant to eat during the event. We will do our best to let you have the space in front of your business if possible.

– All vendors are required to use a truck/trailer and/or a canopy at all events. Setting up just a table to serve food is not allowed. Vendors must comply with any covid or other public health requirements.

Food Vendor Application 2021
Please check ALL of the boxes below to accept our Event Guidelines listed below.
WAIVER OF LIABILITY - The undersigned does hereby and forever discharge Beverly Main Streets / Arts Fest Beverly / THE BLOCK Parties and the City of Beverly from all matters of suits, damages, claims and demands from any loss or damage to the undersigned’s property. The undersigned consents to the enforcement of the rules and guidelines as printed by Beverly Main Streets and in the Food Vendor Application and Guidelines. Vendor participates at vendor’s own risk and is subject to all rules and regulations as described in the Guidelines. Vendor expressly agrees that Beverly Main Streets, the City of Beverly, Arts Fest Beverly / THE BLOCK Parties / Beverly’s New Year and all its committees, volunteers, sponsors and other participants, will not be responsible for any loss or damage to vendor’s vehicle, food, merchandise and/or displays caused by fire, flood, theft, weather, or any other elements of nature or man. Vendor additionally agrees to institute no legal proceeding for personal injuries or property damage arising from an accident causing injury to the vendor, vendor’s employees, vendor’s merchandise and/or vendor’s truck. Any violation of these conditions, or any other condition imposed by staff members at the event, is cause for removal without refund, and you will not be allowed to join us for future events. Beverly Main Streets reserves the right to remove, deny or terminate any Vendor that in their sole judgement is being disruptive, rude or detrimental to the peaceful and safe operation of the event. Beverly Main Streets reserves the right to request the removal of any products or items that they deem offensive, inappropriate, unsafe or detracting from the quality of the event. Beverly Main Streets reserves the right to remove, deny or terminate any Vendor that misrepresents themselves or their products. Any Vendor that is removed for behavior or safety issues will NOT be issued a refund. Beverly Main Streets reserves the right to add or amend any reasonable rules and regulations at any time during and prior to the operation of the event. Beverly Main Streets reserves the right to make final interpretation of all rules & guidelines.
PHOTO RELEASE - I grant to Beverly Main Streets the right to take photographs of me and/or my staff in connection with downtown Beverly. I authorize Beverly Main Streets to use and publish the same in print and/or electronically. I agree that Beverly Main Streets may use such photographs of me and/or my staff with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration and advertising. By attending our events, you are authorizing Beverly Main Streets and our partners to potentially include you in photos/video. All photos/video are property of Beverly Main Streets and may be used to promote this & other events in the future.