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About banner sponsorship

  • Thousands of people a day see the banners on downtown light poles
  • Support the arts – we commission artists to create unique banner designs
  • Your sponsorship includes a banner and a sponsor tag with your name on it. Banners will be installed from approximately spring to fall (in order to avoid damage from winter storms, the city cannot guarantee banners will be up in the winter). The heavy-duty banners are 6ft tall and printed with vibrant digital inks. They are hung at key intersections and locations downtown. Banner locations are determined by the city installation team. We do not have control over when and where banners get put up as the installation is done by the city.
  • Please email info@beverlymainstreets.org if you have any questions. 

Beverly Main Streets would like to thank the City of Beverly for installing the banners and the many banner sponsors for making this program possible.

Current banners

Betsy Desmond 

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(banner designs for digital printing)(original paper collages)

Beverly Main Streets’ downtown light pole banners have two creative new designs, thanks to Beverly artist Betsy Desmond, Beverly resident and former public school teacher. Each year Beverly Main Streets works with a local artist to design the light pole banners, which brighten up the downtown and provide sponsorship opportunities for businesses.

About Betsy Desmond, in her own words:

“I am a true “townie”. Born, raised, educated, worked, taught, and retired all in Beverly. Even lived in all 6 wards. But ventured out for a BS, in Art Ed., at Plymouth State, NH, and received a Masters in Education at Cambridge College. Enjoyed 33 years creating with the kids of all ages as an art teacher in the Beverly Public Schools. I learned from my students that not every kid shines in 2-D projects. I strived to open a variety of mediums in the art room so every child artist could find a successful place to create. Currently I am exploring watercolors, and polymer clay. Other than that, one can find me at the beach with my dog.

Creating my design, I was looking at ideas other than painting, something “outside my box”, something to challenge me. I chose collage as my medium, using paint store color swatches for my paper and color. The old fashioned way of cut & paste created my designs. Unfortunately, the “collage look” did not translate strong enough for the banner, so a friend transferred my art digitally which is how the banners look. I took my inspiration from the suggested theme of “compliments” that led beautifully, highlighting Beverly as a coastal community, showcasing land and sea. Knowing that a burst of color is best for the banners, the buoys were a natural choice. to compliment those, from land, playful birdhouses worked. I see them together as one idea, markers of territories, like home addresses.

Enjoying downtown Beverly for me started well over a half of century ago. We have not remained stagnant, we have re-invented downtown over and over. Keeping our unique traditions while striving for changes, embracing our history with pride as we keep it current and fresh, the strength of small businesses remains a welcome constant as the buzz of college students fill our streets. Our unique shops, worldly flavors of our restaurants, pubs, sea smells, a fresh easterly breeze, location, location, location, walkability, additional housing, revitalizations. All of that within Cabot’s culture and Rantoul’s renaissance. Community activities for all ages remain a hallmark of downtown Beverly. I was involved as a kid, exposed my students to the local opportunities, and now as an adult, I am honored to be a banner designer.”


Previous banners 

Art by Alyssa
Alyssa Watters
110 Cabot Street – open by chance or appointment

Alyssa’s design is a painting of a brilliant red cardinal. The banners are currently being installed on more than 60 downtown light poles and include tags featuring the name of the sponsor.

When asked about the banner design, Alyssa said, “This has always been one of my favorite paintings I’ve created. I am proud of the way that I was able to capture the bird with fewer brushstrokes than usual and I love the pop of the red cardinal against the aqua background. I thought the high contrast would make for an eye-catching banner downtown. I think the banners add a liveliness to our downtown streets and help promote the arts that are happening all around us.”

Art by Alyssa combines a love for oil painting with a passion for creating handmade gift products. Originally from Ledyard, Connecticut, Alyssa moved to Beverly in 2003 to attend Montserrat College of Art. From the age of 16, Alyssa has worked in a handful of wonderful gift shops that have helped shape her into the person she is today. After getting her BFA, Alyssa managed one of the leading stationery shops on the North Shore. While running a shop, she also hosted solo art shows, experimented with creating gift products, attended local craft fairs and submitted her products for wholesale at local businesses. In the beginning of 2011, Alyssa left her day job to pursue her growing company full time. Today, Art by Alyssa can be found in shops throughout the country, at local craft fairs and at Alyssa’s pop up events that she curates during the year.

Alyssa enjoys living and working downtown and says, “Downtown Beverly has a lot to offer without having to travel far. I enjoy all of our different restaurant options as well as the growing retail scene and the ability to walk along the coast. I love being an artist in the community I became a part of while attending Montserrat College of Art. Montserrat’s students are an integral part of the culture of downtown. Being one of the alums who are still able to currently live in the city, I am appreciative of the support system we have created for ourselves to help push each other further in our careers.”